AIA is the largest life insurance company in the world.  We have been providing innovative insurance products to New Zealanders since 1981. 

Our mission is to help New Zealand become one of the healthiest and most protected nations in the world.  We are committed to helping New Zealanders live healthier, longer, better lives.



Suncorp New Zealand is part of Suncorp, a leading financial services business operating in Australia and New Zealand.

Through our go-to-market brands Vero and Asteron Life, and our joint venture partnerships AA Insurance and AA Life, we provide personalised and relevant choices for New Zealanders to look after their financial wellbeing.

Contact Us:

Suncorp New Zealand

Private Bag 92120

Auckland 1142

New Zealand



Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand Inc

New Zealand's professional association representing the interests of insurance brokers, risk managers and consumers.

IBANZ members provide independent professional advice focused on client needs.

We are the voice of general insurance brokers and their clients, IBANZ role also includes:

  • Providing technical advice, guidance on regulation and business support
  • Raising and maintaining professional standards
  • Supporting education, professional development with partners PIQ College


Contact details:

Email: Karen Scard

Phone: 09 306 1732



The New Zealand Financial Technology Innovation Association (FinTechNZ) is a purpose driven industry working group and inclusive community that is funded by members and who bring together the community of:

  • financial services providers
  • technology innovators
  • investor groups
  • government regulators
  • financial educators
  • people who care about financial technology innovation and adoption.



The purpose of the New Zealand Financial Innovation & Technology Association (FinTechNZ) is to contribute to the prosperity of New Zealand through technology innovation.



CONNECT: Bring together a national community of banks, insurers, wealth managers and other financial services together with technology innovators, investors and policy makers; and connect our ecosystem and community to the world.

PROMOTE: Promote the New Zealand financial technology innovation ecosystem, opportunities and challenges domestically to industry participants, the public, politicians, and the media; and internationally to the world.

ADVANCE: Collaborate to help advance our ecosystem and shared interests for the benefit of New Zealand by ensuring the foundations for successful financial technology innovation and adoption are in place.



FinTechNZ General Manager

James Brown

Both service innovation and digital technologies are transforming the way insurance services are provided and experienced by customers. Digital offerings like artificial intelligence, blockchain, chatbots, image recognition, predictive analytics and telematics are increasingly being used across the financial services landscape. These new technologies combined with other digital service offerings and back end system refinements have the potential for (and already are) dramatically improving how customers engage with – and experience insurance services.

We share an inclusive, collaborative approach to advance collective opportunity with both NZ and international partners.

InsurTechNZ has been established to identify the themes and issues, support broad sector engagement and lead the insurance transformation journey. The InsurTechNZ Working Group meets monthly and holds regular ‘meetups’ (in association with the FinTechNZ ‘Connect’ events), to connect, promote and advance the members’ agenda.



InsurTechNZ Chair

Jason Roberts